Open Event Knowledge Graph

The Open Event Knowledge Graph (OEKG) is novel event-centric knowledge graph that is the focal point of integration of the different ESR projects conducted during the CLEOPATRA ITN project. The OEKG makes the extracted information available to the community and makes it accessible for a wide variety of applications and application domains within and beyond the Cleopatra ITN.

10.5281/zenodo.4485005 / Dataset VoID description



The OEKG is built on top of EventKG and a set of data sets developed by the CLEOPATRA ESR students.

Data set Description Number of Triples in OEKG
EventKG A multilingual resource incorporating event-centric information extracted from several large-scale knowledge graphs 434,752,387
EventKG+Click A data set of language-specific event-centric user interaction traces 118,662
Information Spreading over News (InfoSpread) A data set for information spreading over the news 343,026
TIME Two collections of news articles related to the Olympic legacy and eurospectisim 64,554
MLM A benchmark dataset for multitask learning with multiple languages and modalities 942,753
VQuAnDa A verbalization question answering dataset 38,243
UNER The universal named-entity recognition framework 206,622